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XL Dog Beds

Your dog is part of your family and you want the best for him. Everyone else in the family has a place to sleep and your dog also needs his own bed. Finding a bed for your large breed dog can be difficult. Some are just too small and others are simply not sturdy enough. You need to choose XL dog beds that are built to last. That’s why Bully Beds was created. We understand the needs of large dogs and their owners and offer a selection of XL dog beds that are guaranteed not to go flat for ten years.

High Quality XL Dog Beds

Our high quality XL dog beds are made with memory foam that is designed to take the repeated weight from large breed dogs. Not all beds are made alike. Bully Beds are made tough to last through years of hard use. The beds are made with hypoallergenic materials that are non-toxic. You can rest easy knowing that your pet is safe and protected while enjoying his bed.

It is important to note that our beds are made without ozone depleters and without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants that could be dangerous to pets. They are also made without any heavy metals, lead or mercury and are also made without formaldehyde. Our beds are certified safe for dogs and they contain certified flexible polyurethane foam.

Removable Covers

One of the best things about our beds is that they come with removable outer covers that are washable. This is very important because you can easily take off the cover to launder it, getting rid of drool, debris, dirt and other unmentionable things that can get onto your pet’s cover.

While the covers are washable, they are also waterproof so you won’t need to clean them very often. That means that they will be able to take a lot of use before they need to be washed. The zippers are heavy duty so they will always work properly for the life of the bed. Your bed comes complete with a removable cover but we also offer a selection of additional covers that you can purchase. You’ll be able to choose from designer covers, waterproof covers and chew resistant covers along with standard options so your pet’s bed will also function well and fit in with your room’s décor.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable

You wouldn’t want to sleep on a hard floor and neither does your dog. A comfortable bed made of durable foam is the ideal spot for your pet to settle in for a nap or a full night’s rest. Our luxury orthopedic beds are made to hold the weight of a heavy dog. The bed won’t flatten out like so many of them do. In fact, we guarantee that it won’t flatten for ten years!

When you are looking for a bed to fit your large breed dog look no further than Bully Beds. We have a selection of orthopedic beds that are sure to help keep your pet comfortable and happy. Visit us online at BullyBeds.com.