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Warranty Information

Important Warranty Info Regarding Your Dog’s New Bully Bed 


Industry Leading 20-Year Warranty

All Bully Beds come with a 20-year warranty, the best in the industry. It works like this: we guarantee your dog bed will retain its shape and not flatten for at least 20 years (we think it will last longer actually). If it flattens by more than 2 inches anytime within those 20 years, we’ll replace it one time, at no charge, for you. (The warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable.)

Of course, some things are beyond our control and—as much as we’d like to—we can’t cover dog damage, offer returns or refunds caused by those factors. It’s common sense, but here are things that the warranty doesn’t cover:

Preparing Your Bully Bed For Use

Your Bully Bed is vacuum-packed and shrunk for shipping purposes. The first step is to carefully remove the bed from the box and take off the plastic wrapping. Here’s an important point:


This prevents accidentally cutting the cover. Simply unwrap your new Bully Bed—the plastic wrap isn’t sealed. Once it’s unwrapped, your beautiful new bed will take anywhere from 12-72 hours to regain its full size, so please be patient—it’s worth the wait. But don’t worry, your pup, who’s by now probably eager to hop on, can enjoy the new Bully Bed as it expands. Upon delivery, please inspect your bed to make sure it is free of damages. Any damage must be noted and emailed to support@bullybeds.com within 48 hours of arrival. Take off the cover and inspect to make sure nothing has been torn or is in less than new condition.

If your dog doesn’t take to the bed immediately, try rubbing your hands, a lightly worn shirt or even one of your dog’s toys on the bed. A familiar smell helps to acclimate your dog to the new bed. For a short time, food or dog treats can also be used. Do this only for a short time however because you don’t want your dog to associate the bed with feeding time. Finally, it can take several weeks for a dog to fall in love with her or his new bed, so don’t give up either.

Washing Instructions and General Care

If your Bully Bed is just a little bit dirty, spot clean as needed with a mild soap and water solution. If it needs more than that, the cover is washing machine safe. Note that we said the cover is washing machine safe, because the foam itself won’t do well in your machine (yes, we’ve had customers try to do that.)

So first, remove the cover from your bed. It’s easy by design—simply unzip and remove it. Now you can wash the cover using cold water on the gentle cycle. Dry the cover in your dryer, again on the gentle cycle using low heat. The first time you wash the cover, wash it separately to avoid any possible bleeding of dyes.

The waterproof cover can also be washed in the washing machine, but it requires a little more care. Be sure to once again use the gentle cycle, but only use cold water. Also, please air dry the waterproof liner—it won’t do well in the dryer.

Finally, I mentioned before that the foam should not be put in the washer or dryer. Let me be perfectly clear on this .

Thanks again for choosing a Bully Bed and supporting a true, family-run small business.