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Great Dane Dog Beds

Great Danes are among the tallest of all breeds of dogs. One of the best known fictional Great Danes is Scooby Doo. They can grow up to about 31 inches tall and 180 pounds although the record holder for the breed stood at 44 inches in height. These strong working dogs were originally used for hunting large game in Europe. Today, they are wonderful companions due to their good dispositions. If you are lucky enough to have one of these “gentle giants” in your life you certainly want to treat him well. Some of the most basic needs are Great Dane dog beds.

Comfortable Beds

Finding sturdy and comfortable Great Dane dog beds can be difficult. When you find a bed that is large enough the bed may not be durable enough to withstand the dog’s weight. Bully Beds are designed specifically for the comfort and care of large dogs. They come in various sizes including large, extra large and extra, extra large. Best of all, they are 7 inches thick and guaranteed not to flatten under your dog’s weight for ten years.

Besides providing a comfortable bunk for your pup, a bed can also have therapeutic properties. The foam is designed to withstand up to 300 pounds of weight, so it can easily handle the weight of your large dog. It will soon become your pet’s favorite place to stay. It will easily last for many years, unlike many of the other beds that are on the market today.

Great Dane Dog Beds

Large dogs are susceptible to a variety of health problems including arthritis and hip dysplasia. A therapeutic bed is essential in keeping your pet healthy and comfortable. Thick, heavy duty foam is necessary to help support your pet’s limbs and cradle them in comfort. This helps to prevent injuries from occurring but also is helpful in treating an older pet.

Bully Beds are made with high quality orthopedic memory foam that is non-toxic. We provide a specially designed waterproof cover that zips onto the foam forming a protective layer between the foam and the cover. This means that the bed will stay safe and dry, regardless of how many spills or stains occur. The cover is available in tan or chocolate and there are also additional covers available for purchase.

Beds Sized to Fit Your Dog

Beds are designed in sizes to fit even the largest dogs. While we specialize in large beds we also sell medium sized beds for smaller pets. Large beds measure 48 x 30 inches, extra large are 52 x 34 inches and extra-extra large are 60 x 48 inches. All of the beds except the medium size use 7 inch thick foam. The XXL size is well-suited to the Great Dane breed as well as other large sized dogs such as the Large English Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound. When you love your pet you want the very best for him. Choose one of our high quality beds to give your dog the comfort he deserves. Contact Bully Beds today to purchase a bed with free shipping.