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Why Bully Beds Are The Best Washable Dog Beds On The Market:

When looking online for washable giant dog beds, there is typically a single product that has flooded the market. So-called ‘washable’ beds that are cheaply made and fall apart almost immediately after being washed are available from numerous sites, but the fact is, they were not designed to stand up to the rigorous activity of the washing machine. Bully Beds are completely different from any dog bed you’ve purchased in the past, since they come with a 10 year guarantee- something unheard of in the industry. Bully Beds Washable dog beds are not only able to stand up to countless washes in your machine, they are manufactured with high quality foam on the inside so that they will not flatten over time.

If you own a large breed dog, you understand the challenge of finding a comfortable giant dog bed that is able to provide the kind of joint and muscle support your larger dog needs to rest comfortably. Bully Beds are specifically designed and crafted for your dog’s needs in mind, not from cheap materials and a generic manufacturing process, but from durable, luxurious products with the end result being one of the finest washable dog beds available to purchase today. No other Memory Foam Dog Beds can compare to Bully Beds in value.

Is your dog’s current bed certified ‘Safe For Dogs”? If not, your dog may be breathing in toxic fumes while they sleep. Bully Beds believes your dog deserves the very best in safety; for this reason, their Memory Foam Giant Dog Beds are made without ozone depletes, without PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP flame retardants, and without mercury, lead or other heavy metals. They call their Washable dog beds’ certification CertiPUR-US, and it means you can rest just as easily as your dog because you’ll know you have provided them with the safest, most comfortable bed on the market.

Don’t believe all the hype put out by other washable dog beds; it’s usually just that- all hype. Bully Beds backs up their claim that their Memory Foam Dog Beds are the most supportive large-breed dog beds you’ll find anywhere online or elsewhere. These beds are made from the same luxury foam high-end mattresses are made from, with 7 inches of quality, 4.5 pound memory foam and support foam to cradle your dog’s frame instead of flatten under their weight. If your dog’s Bully Bed doesn’t stand up to the test of time by holding its shape and stability for 10 years, the company will replace it for you.

Click on the Bully Beds’ link to select the correct size for your large breed dog. All Bully Giant Dog Beds come standard with a high-quality cover designed to discourage chewing and offer comfort for your dog and protection to the interior foam. For an additional selection of covers, including Chew Resistant Covers, designer, or waterproof, stop by the website. If you have questions, feel free to call Bully Beds at 877-672-8559.