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Extra Large Dog Bed

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Shopping for an Extra Large Dog Bed:

Mistake #1: Buying a dog bed without first checking into the reviews from other customers. It’s no secret that the vast majority of products available online are simply not able to meet the needs of consumers due to inferior materials and poor manufacturing on the part of the company. While most companies are satisfied with selling a product that looks good and performs satisfactory for a short amount of time, Bully Beds believes in offering a product that can offer your dog a lifetime of comfortable rest and support. That’s why every Bully Beds extra large dog bed comes with a guarantee that it will not flatten for 10 years and will stand the test of time and rigors of your washing machine.

Mistake #2: Overspending on your dog’s bed. It just doesn’t make sense to spend more on an inferior product. Bully Beds offers a no-gimmick, risk-free 30-day trial offer for your dog, with no hidden fees or tricks involved. Simply order a Bully Bed from the inventory, selecting the appropriate size, and let your dog test it out to see whether it’s not the most comfortable bed they’ve ever slept on. Bully Beds’ money-back guarantee is coupled with their free two-way shipping offer in the event that you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. You have absolutely nothing to lose. You’ll never buy another bed for your dog.

Mistake #3: Giving your large breed dog a bed designed for a smaller dog. Your large breed dog has specific needs due to having larger joints and muscles. That means they need support that is unique to their weight and size. Bully Beds understands the needs of large dogs better than any other canine bed manufacturer. For this reason, their orthopedic extra large dog bed has been exclusively designed to take the pressure off of your dog’s joints for a restful sleep that keeps dogs happy and healthy.

Mistake #4: Not protecting an expensive dog bed from everyday occurrences. Bully Beds has even thought of that. Their standard covers are super soft and highly durable, made from microfiber and able to be removed and washed anytime the need arises. Covers slip on and off easily, so washing is a breeze. If your current dog bed’s cover is a hassle to deal with, we invite you to see why Bully Beds are better than other products sold today.

Check out the Bully Beds 10 year No Flat Guarantee by stopping by the website. While there, check out Bully Beds for yourself and discover what your dog has been missing out on. See the inventory for Chew Resistant Covers, Decorative Covers, Waterproof Covers, and much more. Standard Bully Beds covers offer exceptional waterproof value and chew resistance as well. Read about the benefits of choosing an orthopedic foam mattress bed for your dog or make a call to Bully Beds at 877-672-8559 with your questions.