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Dog Beds Large Dogs

Your dog is part of your family and you want to treat him to all the best things you can. Pamper your pet by giving him a great place he can call his own. Dog beds for large dogs are ideal because they are big enough to allow your dog the ability to lie down comfortably. Bully Beds are specifically made for large breed dogs. They are made with healthy foam that is guaranteed not to go flat for ten years.

Comfort and Style

Choose dog beds for large dogs that not only perform well, but look good as well. The foam is 7 inches thick on large sizes and up, providing a very luxurious and comfortable place for your pet to sleep. The beds come with a breathable internal waterproof liner that protects the foam from harm, regardless of what happens. The non-slip base lets you place the bed on any surface without worrying about is sliding around.

Covers are made of durable microfiber that wears extremely well. Standard covers come in a choice of colors between tan or black and have piping that keeps them looking great. The bed looks like a piece of furniture in your home and blends seamlessly with your décor, no matter which room you choose to place it in. You can also purchase extra covers including designer options so you’ll always have a spare when one is in the wash. Covers are made with a durable zipper so it can be easily removed and replaced.

Healthy and Clean

One of the worst things you can imagine is having your dog sleep on a dirty bed. Some beds are made so you can’t clean them and end up having to dispose of them when they are dingy. Bully Beds come with convenient removable microfiber covers. Simply take off the cover when it becomes soiled and toss it in the washing machine. Your pup will soon enjoy a fresh new place to stay.

The foam used in our dog beds for large dogs is made of hypoallergenic materials. It has a 4.5 lb density with orthopedic memory. It is designed for big dogs, providing the joint and hip support needed to reduce pain and improve comfort. The bed is perfect for older pets that need a little more pampering but it is equally ideal for young pups as well. The beds are certified safe and made without mercury, lead or any other heavy metals and without formaldehyde. They don’t contain any PBDE’s or TCEP flame retardants and they are made without using any products that deplete the ozone layer.

Our dog beds for large dogs are guaranteed. If you need to make an exchange you can – we offer free shipping and returns. It can be difficult to find beds large enough for big dogs, let alone one that is comfortable and stylish. The bed is delivered right to your home and is easy to un-box and set up. Call us today or place your order online.