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Chew Resistant Dog Beds

Your dog is a member of your family but you need to face it – some dogs tend to be chewers. If you have a chewer you know how hard it is to keep him happy and healthy. He tends to chew or try to destroy every toy you give him and may even destroy his own bed. For large dogs with a desire to chew you need to purchase chew resistant dog beds.

Chew Resistant Dog Beds

Some dog beds simply aren’t made tough enough for some pets. Persistent pups can tear into their dog bed and ruin it, sometimes in a matter of minutes. You need to find a bed that is tough enough to withstand your dog’s destructive habits. Bully Beds are designed for large breed dogs and our chew proof dog beds may be just what you need to keep your dog’s bed in one piece.

You want to provide your pet with a safe and comfortable place to sleep but need to ensure that he can’t tear it apart. Bully Bed chew proof beds are made to last. They are made with BullyTuf cover material that is specifically created to resist chewing. The seams are reinforced with Kevlar so they won’t easily come apart. Best of all, the entire bed has a 100 day warranty. If the bed is chewed and destroyed we will replace it.

Features of Chew Resistant Dog Beds

Our chew resistant dog beds are constructed to be completely waterproof. They have removable covers so you can easily wash them to keep the bed clean. There are no zippers. Instead, the cover closes with heavy duty Velcro. The proprietary BullyTuf covers are made for dogs that like to chew and dig. Beds are available in various sizes. The medium and large sizes have foam that is 4 inches thick while the XL and XXL sizes use 5 inch thick foam.  Medium beds measure 34”x 24”, large beds are 48”x 30”, XL beds are 52” x 34” and XXL beds are 60” x 48”. They are available in tan or grey to easily blend with your décor.

Foam is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and is certified non-hazardous. It holds up to consistent use by large, heavy pets. Covers are easy to clean and the material doesn’t allow for excessive hair clinging. The non-stink construction keeps odors and wetness out so even if your pet has an accident it won’t cause permanent harm.

Bully Beds for Chewers

Heavy-duty construction, thick padding, high quality chew-proof materials and the ability to easily remove and clean the cover makes our Bully Beds the best available. The warranty for the chew resistant dog beds is unlike most others available anywhere. We will replace the entire bed if your dog chews through it any time during the first 100 days of use. We want our customers and their dogs to be happy and pleased with the products we sell.

Large dogs require special care. They need to have a bed they can call their own yet one that they can keep for awhile without shredding. Our Bully Beds are the answer to your particular needs. Order a bed today for your beloved pup.