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Chew Proof Warranty

Chew Resistant Bed Warranty
From the day your chew resistant Bully Bed is delivered, you have 200 days of our chew resistant guarantee.  If at anytime during the first 100 days your dog destroys the bed, we'll replace THE COMPLETE BED, one-time, at absolutely no charge with free shipping within the lower 48 continental USA. For any damage done to the bed anytime after 100 days of delivery, we'll provide a one-time complete replacement of the outer cover up to 200 days.  Destruction of the bed means that the bed is completely unusable with the cover and foam destroyed and in pieces. Anywhere outside of the lower 48, we'll replace the bed for free, but additional shipping costs will be required. Please note, these are not designed or recommended for outdoor use of any kind.  Again, this is a full bed replacement within the first 100 days, meaning we will replace the foam and cover, so you can be confident knowing you'll be getting a brand new bed if your pup destroys it.  Please keep in mind, our usual return policy window of 30 days applies to this and all products and the return window should not be confused with the 200 day chew resistant policy.  Damaged beds are not eligible for a return or refund, but will be replaced with a new bed, per our guarantee listed above. The 20 year no flat warranty does not apply to chew resistant beds or crate pads, but only to our orthopedic standard and 3 sided beds.
To process a warranty claim, please email us at support@bullybeds.com with your order number, name and a picture or two of the damaged bed.  We may or may not require you to return the damaged bed to us (we'll pay for shipping if we do), so don't throw it away until instructed by us to do so.  We will respond to your claim usually the same day or within 24-48 hours at most. Claims sent over the weekend will typically be handled the following Monday or Tuesday.
We recommend slowly introducing the bed to your pup and not leaving them alone with the bed initially.  This will help your dog get used to the bed and not see it as a target.  We don't recommend putting the beds into a crate and leaving your dog alone with the bed until your pup has had a few days to acclimate to the new bed.  Allow your dog time to get his or her scent on the bed as well as your own.  If your dog damages the bed, remove the bed and restrict access so as to avoid any further damage or the possibility of your dog ingesting any material from the bed.  This will greatly help reduce the chances your dog may damage the bed. ***Please be aware, we have made these beds extremely durable, but no material exists that a strong and determined dog cannot bite through.