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Chew Proof Dog Beds

Why It’s So Difficult to Find Chew Proof Dog Beds for Large Breed Dogs:

Dog beds are not the only product that has taken a hit in the decline of quality found in products today. Nearly all products on the market today are designed to wear out within a short amount of time and be replaced by another product. If you’re tired of the expense from purchasing dog beds that don’t do what the manufacturer claims and have no recourse when the product starts falling apart, we invite you to take a closer look at Bully Beds Chew Proof Dog Beds.

Bully Beds doesn’t just promise your large breed dog’s bed will stand up to the test of time- we stand behind all of our products with an industry-leading warranty. Our Bully Beds are manufactured to a higher standard than other similar products on the market today- and our chew proof dog beds are extra tough. Our 100-day Chew Proof Warranty features complete replacement of the entire bed, including the foam and the cover, if your dog damages the bed from chewing. Our own ‘BullyTuf’ cover materials was specifically designed to provide high resistance to chewing and bed-digging. Kevlar reinforced seams keep your dog’s Bully Bed from coming apart.

Bully Beds chew proof dog beds feature 4” thickness for medium and large sizes and 5” thickness for XL and XXL sizes. What our customers love best about all Bully Beds is their US Certified non-hazardous foam and non-toxic hypoallergenic materials. Bully Beds are safe for your dog to sleep on, containing no PBDEs, TDCPPs or TCEP flame retardants or formaldehyde products whatsoever. You can feel great about providing your dog with a safe and comfortable place to sleep and relax.

Our chew proof dog beds feature waterproof construction that can stand up to the heaviest drooler. Removable, washable covers make keeping your Bully Bed clean a snap. Feel free to read through our real customer testimonials to see how our chew proof dog beds are meeting the needs of other large breed dog owners. Type Bully Beds into the search bar of your preferred online directory to see why we are the most trusted large breed dog bed manufacturer in the US.

We recommend using our online sizing chart to choose the right size bed for your dog. We carry sizes that accommodate smaller dogs, such as the English Bulldog or other dogs under 50 lbs, all the way up to our XXL chew proof dog beds that can meet the needs of large Great Danes, large English Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds, and other large breed dogs. Choosing the right size bed will ensure the correct support for your dogs joints and muscles. Bully Beds are designed to provide orthopedic benefits to dogs of all sizes, with special consideration to the unique needs of large breed dogs. If you have any questions about our products, we offer several convenient methods for online communication with our product specialists.